Sunday, April 14, 2013

Winter to Spring, the Happiness You Bring

Have you ever felt a high? I mean of course a natural high on life I am referring to. I did again today. And of course some readers are thinking I might be high writing this but I can assure you I am not. Its one of the greatest feelings oneself can have but not many experience it. I was in a complete natural high on life today floating or perhaps wondering around a park in Roma, happy as can be. I was alone. My happiness had nothing to do with the money I have, my material things or my relationships but that I was happy with myself. Happy of the blessing I have been given by God. Happy of my life.

After couple of hours wondering around the park on my natural high, I laid down on the grass and finished a book I was reading. For the first time in a long time, I was reading something other than a law book and I couldn't put it down. I laid down, rolled my shirt up to get some rays on my back and finished my book. I viewed the world around me and thought that so many people will never get to experience living in a foreign country where they know no one or the language and make friends, learn to get by and experience just a simple day in the park. I was pleased with myself that fear has never stopped me from experiencing life. Its the fear that drives me to move out of state or voice my opinion against a boss or move around the ocean.
 I observed dogs chasing each other and children playing ball and adults drinking and chatting. No one had a care in the world and neither did I. Witnessing a grandmother helping children fly a kite, I began to reminisce the times I have flown a kite as a small child and thought how much fun I had flying that kite. Sometimes you forget the simple things in life and finding pleasure in the simplicity. I was having the time of my life with myself wondering the park, smiling at children and enjoying my own company alone with my thoughts.  Maybe its my dominant personality or liking it my way, but some of my best simple memories are when I was alone, traveling alone, spending an entire day alone in my house dancing with my dog and singing off tune to songs that once played too many times on the radio. Maybe because I found a way to just be happy with myself. I learned to be truly independent that my happiness has nothing to do with the man in my life or not in my life or my friends or family. I do forget this lesson I learned from time to time but when I am truly being one with myself and my natural high kicks in. I feel I can do anything in the world, change the world.   So I thank myself today for giving myself the opportunity to enjoy a simple day in a not so simple city Roma and thank God for the sun that has finally shown its face in Italy, the trees that sang a soft tune as the leaves moved and the free entertainment and italian lessons provided by the children of Roma. 

~ Visited Villa Doria Pamphili

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